Science and Technology specific sites:
Lists/links to minibeasts resources.
Snails! Lots of questions answered!
Lots of fact files on animals etc
"Wild Kids is a doorway to lots of interesting information about a range of Australian animals and the habitats they are found in. Kids can just browse the A-Z quick finder, look at galleries of illustrations or use the section as a starting point to explore other areas of the Australian Museum's website."
Monash University Primary Science Teaching Resources.
"These resources are an initiative of the Monash Science Centre, funded by the Commonwealth Government’s ASISTM Project and six Victorian primary schools... Simply select a topic from within one of the 4 main science domains to access lesson plans, activities and worksheets which can be downloaded as PDF files. The lessons have been developed by teachers in collaboration with final year Science students from Monash University."
GeoScience Animations 100+ animations to use in Earth Sciences lessons... El Nino/La Nina, Tornado's etc...
Australian Academy of Science Good Science Books for Children list. Broken into ages. Preschool. 5-8. 8-11. 11+. All annotated.

CSIRO Teacher Resources: Subscribe to 'Science by Email' at the following link
CSIRO Science by Email Activity Archive heaps of activities that could be used in the classroom with lots of explanation/notes
Do-it-Yourself Science Activities ... heaps of activities that could be used in the classroom.
CSIRO Entomology for kids.
Australian Bureau of Meteorology Student and Teacher's Page
ABC's 'Love that Planet' Science/Environment gateway.
ABC's Science gateway.
ABC Quantum Archive of TV show transcripts pre1997-2001 for the entire run of the show (show replaced by Catalyst)
ABC Catalyst page
Download Catalyst Videos (or subscribe to RSS feeds)
Maps made for printing and copying
Discovery (as in The Discovery Channel) Education site. Resources, lesson plans etc (and puzzle maker above).
NASA (for Educators). The NASA site with activities, links to resources, lesson plans etc.
NASA 'For Kids Only' ... how NASA studies different things about Earth...
NASA - Starchild - A Learning Centre for Young Astronomers
NASA - How NASA studies the solar system
NASA Science for Kids
NASA Space Place for kids (more interactive)
NASA Space Place for Teachers (resources etc)
Lots of links and lesson ideas - US site "Elementary Science"...

Excellent resource for classroom activities... I recognise one of these from when I was on prac last year! :) - NOTE: All those doing the Science Circus at Res in April '09... some great starting points!
A great starting point for further research...
How Stuff Works Videos - lots of science/technology videos ... lots of short snippets, but useful.

Examples: How the iPhone works. Which animals kill the most people in the wild? Can you really scare someone to death? How can I unlock my front door when I am not there? What if I were on a rollercoaster and the harness broke? How does brainwashing work?

Also top ten lists like: Top 10 wacky inventions for the home, 10 highest paying dirtiest jobs
Primary Science Lesson Plans... Years 1-6 .... "These lessons were written by Dr J. Elfick in collaboration with teachers employed by the Solomon Islands Curriculum Development Project funded by The World Bank. The lessons were later revised at the University of Queensland.
Another US site with lots of lesson plans .... one single lesson mostly, not units of work...
Kids Planet - Animal Fact Sheets (50+ species) games etc...
Kids do Ecology site - Kids Do Ecology is an exciting program where students from Santa Barbara and Carpinteria design and conduct scientific experiments with local ecologists. You can check out the kinds of experiments students have done each year. INQUIRY BASED APPROACH
Part of a larger site... lots of interactive games etc... plus project ideas/information
Greatest Engineering Achievements of the 20st Century
US site-Interactive Science Activities
Australian Museum Online
Periodic Table
Questacon - careful when you open it they talk to you VERY LOUDLY straight away! Gave me the fright of my life! lol!
Solar System Stimulator - freaky!
Science World (Wolfram) lots of great information (again, a US site, though)
Lots of links to easy science experiments etc
The Country Areas Program Science Links Page... some good links
Lots of Kids Science Experiments
More science experiments/projects
"As an unbiased, multi-disciplinary science [organisation] that focuses on biology, geography, geology, geospatial information, and water, we are dedicated to the timely, relevant, and impartial study of the landscape, our natural resources, and the natural hazards that threaten us."
Primary Connections linking Science and Literacy
HEAPS of links to Science and Technology sites
A great set of resources for Science education. Hundreds of topics broken into "Biology", "Earth and Space", "Chemistry", "Physics"
Another good general science info link from the Franklin Institute in the United States. Their Educators link is also pretty good.
The Smithsonian Institute Educators page
Smithsonian Kids page

NOTE: There are heaps of links of the "Sites for Students"
that are VERY useful.
Missouri botanical Garden. Biomes of the World. Freshwater Ecosystems. Marine Ecosystems. Link to Biology of plants site.
Snowy River Hydro electric Scheme. Fantastic Resource!
Kids do Science
Streamwatch Water Bugs Guide
RESGI - Resources for Earth Sciences and Geography Instruction. (Earth Science/Environmental Science links)
Windows to the Universe site.
"Windows to the Universe is a user-friendly learning system covering the Earth and Space sciences for use by the general public." ... Great resource, good easy to understand wording, great diagrams
Discovery Primary Science page (Ireland) lots of teacher resources, links etc
Basic Chemistry: Matter, Atoms, Periodic Table, Elements 1-36, Reactions, Biochemistry etc.
Biology for Kids: Scientific Studies, Cell Structure, Cell function, microorganisms, plants, invertebrates, vertebrates, animal systems
Geography for kids: Earth Energy, Earth Structure, Atmosphere, Hydrosphere, Biosphere, Climates, BGC Cycles
Cosmos for Kids: Universe, Galaxies, Stars, Systems, solar system, Solar System Details, Exploration
Physics for kids: Motion, Heat and Thermodynamics, Electricity and Magnetism, Light, Modern Physics
"Teacher Lab provides educational resources to save teachers time. Feel free to download from the Teacher Lab."
Heaps of videos etc to download (experiements etc)
A computer simulation of solid/liquid/gas states of matter, showing when you add heat, what happens to the molecules etc - good way to do it to clearly show molecules plus also no RISK ASSESSMENT for hot water etc in classroom. Easy five minute task... Good on projector screen if possible .... Actually good if you make it go to gas then back to solid, instead of returning to rock shape that it is at the beginning it appears to freeze the liquid in the beaker as is...
Harcourt Science learning site. Great DVD's, animations, simulations etc
Simulation - disolving and reversing changes.... chemical/physical change
Another simulation on melting points
BBC Science teacher resources... great bitesize stuff...
Science Online. Lesson Plans, Interactive Activities, Worksheets, and Links for Grades K-8
pdf booklet - Macroinvertibrates (Australian)
"Learning resources are provided for all levels from preschool to adult education." - Scienceworks museum Vic. .... there are lesson plans/units galore on here.
Learning resources from Science Museum in London. Lots of good lesson plan ideas/experiments
You can create your own custom games using your own vocab, spelling, math problems... or you can play their games... amazing.
BBC Science Clips. Cartoons and simulations for science. Amazing! Interactive, plus quizzes etc.
(University of Sydney) K-6 Weather - Teaching Ideas and Lesson activities...

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